It's time for the End-of Season Team Party

It's the end of the season.

Winners, losers, average athletes...they all need a conclusion. They all need closure.  And THAT is what the TEAM PARTY is.  It's a time to relive the bad, celebrate the good, chuckle about the mishaps and mistakes and say "goodbye"..."See ya next sport, next season or maybe never again."

The "trophy" part is that concrete piece that athlete walks away with.  It's the part he/she can hold onto that connects them to that moment when they were THE center of attention.  It's not a necessity, but neither is participating in any extra activity.

The team party can be as big as a day at a professional ball field/sports park, or as little as a cupcake and a pat on the back after the last game.  There are NO rules for end-of-season Team Parties...except no alcohol, I think that's a rule 😉.

So, have fun...go all out or keep it low key...just do SOMETHING to conclude the season, to give closure to all of those involved.  Remember, you get one life, make it worth living!

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