Mar. 28, 2018



Sign-ups!!     Extra uniform costs!!     Pictures!!     Snacks!!     League fundraisers!!

Team Party!!     Awards!!     Coaches Gifts!!   The list SEEMS endless....

Don't stress...start a Goal Can, Kick Can, Homerun Can...decorate a container -  take it, shake it, fill it - a quarter, nickel, dollar at a the end of the season, you'll be rolling in change...literally.  Tell 'em "No Pennies" please!!!  REALLY helps if one of those cute little toddler siblings is shakin' shakin' shakin' that container.

You'll collect from supportive Uncles, Aunts, Grandpas, Grandmas and even Friends!!!  Share the monetary burden.  One day, it'll be YOUR it forward then 🙂


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